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“In my experience in working with Edward, he always seems to have his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the areas of Digital Marketing, Personalization and Big Data.”

Target Corporation Employee

“We frequently used Edward as a sounding board around competition, especially in regards to potential new capabilities and innovations. Edward is such a forward thinker, I swear he is living 5 years in the future and is just visiting us in the now.”

Best Buy Employee

 “One of the most impressive things about Edward is his incredible breath of knowledge across the entire spectrum of Big Data analytics and it’s role in boosting the effectiveness of Digital Identification, Market Segmentation, Recommendation and Personalization”

C.H. Robinson Employee

How We Help

Over 80% of data projects fail and that's a conservative number, some say 95% fail. I have built a career building data products that excite customers and help businesses achieve results. Cyberian Data is about helping you not fall into the failure category but help set you up for data success.

  • Strategy, build the right business aspects to data
  • Technology, get the right tech at the right cost
  • Team, hire the right people full time or on-demand

About us

Cyberian Data, helping companies create winning data products. Big or small, we help you where others can't. The approach we take has been proven to work in numerous companies in multiple industries. Real world experience, not classroom or training courses, from people who have pioneered data science and big data grow in the Retail and Logistics industries.

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FARCON Presentation Now Live

  Last week I presented at FARCON 2017.  It was a good conference with a lot of new ideas coming forward.  Some of those ideas where in my presentation that I gave at the end of the day.  A number of people asked for a copy of the presentation.  As a way to help those […]

My Thoughts on FARCON 2017

  Yesterday, Augst 24th, was FARCON 2017.  FARCON stands for Financial services And Retail Conference, which is mainly focused on various forms of analytics in these industries.  I have attended and spoken at FARCON since it started a few years ago.  It is part of Minneanalytics which is a group I have been associated with […]

Retailers are Not Technology Companies

Too many retailers are trying to change who they are by claiming to be technology companies. This is a bad idea in so many ways. Retail is retail. By claiming to be technology companies, retailers open themselves up to all kinds of issues. Such as facing new competition that actually are technology companies that do […]

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